Trivia @ Cheap Andy's in Hammond, WI



"Quick and not-so-easy" are the first words that come to mind when thinking about this week's trivia game @ Cheap Andy's in Hammond, WI.

Current Events is a newish category as of late, and a brand new category has been created by the brilliant mind that brought you "Trivviani" last week. Look for a question tonight that combines Trivia & Comedy! You might want to pucker up for this one, but stay relaxed.


We have created many traditions over the many months we've been playing. Other traditional categories have become staples such as the notorious Presidents, beloved Science, and dreaded STRANGE Things.


If you have an idea for a category and/or question, write it down and give it to Isaac tonight for an additional 15 bonus points before the Wager question of Round 3. The next theme night will be announced tonight as well. You won't want to miss tonight's game! Bring your friends, family or random STRANGErs! 


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