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Karaoke Contest

WEEK 6 of the KARAOKE CONTEST continues tonight! Judging will be based on Best Singer. This is the final week to qualify before next week's championship! $500 grand prize!


FEBRARY 15th & 16th - MARCH 29th & 30th

GRAND PRIZE = $500 Travel Voucher

(courtesy of Nutty Squirrel Sports Saloon & Wild Badger Sports Saloon)

Wednesdays @ Nutty Squirrel Sports Saloon in River Falls, WI

Karaoke - 9:30pm to 12:30am

Thursdays @ Wild Badger Sports Saloon in New Richmond, WI

Karaoke - 9:00pm to 12:00am


(text Chris @ 651-214-4779)

Weekly Themes

Week 1: Best Duet

  • Nutty Squirrel Qualifiers: De & Shannon

  • Wild Badger Qualifiers: Hailey & Chris

Week 2: Best Song Selection

  • Nutty Squirrel Qualifiers: Jordan, & Anthony + Beth

​              Any Man of Mine                Mr. Brightside

  • Wild Badger Qualifiers: Hailey (left) & Fluffy (right)


       Gunpowder & Lead -- What Hurts the Most

Week 3: Best Entertainer

  • Nutty Squirrel Qualifiers: Caeli (left), & Taylor (right)

  • Wild Badger Qualifiers: Dwight & Hailey (NO PHOTO)

Week 4: Popularity/Crowd Vote (bring your friends!)

  • Nutty Squirrel Qualifiers: Nate & Big Em

  • Wild Badger Qualifiers: Bryan, Fluffy & Hailey

Week 5: Best Dressed

  • Nutty Squirrel Qualifiers: J-Behr & Mandi (not pictured)

  • Wild Badger Qualifiers: Joe & Hailey (NO PHOTO)

Week 6: Best Singer

  • Nutty Squirrel Qualifiers: Nate, & Jordan + Meg

  • Wild Badger Qualifiers: Emily & Hailey


Week 7: Championship (must attend both Wed. & Thurs.)

  • Contestants will be judged on a combination of categories from the previous 6 weeks. 

1st & 2nd place each night will qualify for Week 7's Championship

*Qualifiers will be announced at 11:30pm each night*

Secret judges will be revealed after Week 7's Championship


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